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Check out our Coil Gallery page for more examples of our work.

We use high quality 25v 22uf capacitors, Low Carbon Steel Cores covered with kapton tape and 24 awg solid copper wire.
Each coil will be hand cranked, fully assembled (wired) and ready for use.

Please allow 7-10 days for us to complete your coils before being shipped out.

Include a message detailing the following in your transaction.
Available in 1.25" or 1"
Heat Shrink:
Coil Covers:
The above images are a representation of past coil orders. We offer a wide variety of elements to create your own personal coils including custom images. We can use nearly any image - just email it to us when you are checking out.

Heat Shrink


Black                   Red 

Pink             Green

Web               Orange

   $2 bill            Jolly Roger

         Map              Nautical Star


Capacitor Washers +$2


            Black       Chameleon Pink

Orange          Blue 

Gray               Lime

  Hunter        Crimson

  Wood        Clear

Clear shrink
(+$1 per coil set)


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