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We have a variety of price points, however we always try to keep them reasonable. I understand why the big names charge more: they can, they have been around for years and people will pay it. Who knows maybe in ten years I will focus more time on the custom high end builds. But I always plan to offer the lower price points I offer now. Its good for tattoo artists and good for my business to offer quality machines that get the job done without being over priced. The way I see it is not everyone can afford an $800+ machine much less a whole stable of them. So what is a good tattoo artist to do instead? Buy cheap china crap? Buy random used and no name machines in hopes they work properly? I like to think of myself as filling a niche- where an artist can buy a quality machine backed by a real business and not fall short on the bills trying to pay for it. For further policy information you can also view the descriptions in our eBay listings.


Business History

We strive to offer only quality products that will get the job done and last through years of art. Our commitment to detail and quality has allowed us to grow our business and product line substantially since officially starting Forward Tattoo Supply in 2007. We started with a simple tattoo machine re-build service and have since grown into a tattoo machine and parts force in the industry offering everything from standard old school style to modern fully customized machines and parts. We offer many items you can't find anywhere else such as our side plates and themed machines. With additional parts options like blackened binding posts, drop down bases, solder lugs and even solid brass and 1018 steel stock we are the most diverse tattoo machine builder source out there. We strive to always be competitive in pricing and product lines. Please contact us if you have suggestions for new products. We greatly value customer opinion. Also if you are interested in large quantities message us. We would be happy to be your new supplier. Our stock is consistent and we keep our customer information private. 



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