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 One Off Custom Coil Sets 
Coils in the pictures below are exactly the coils you will receive. We have one of each set on hand, but are happy to assemble duplicates. 

All of our coils are wound on an 8-32 thread core. 
One set of two 8-32 3/8 Phillips head screws are included with each set.


1" 8 Wrap Hunter Spider

1" 7.5 Wrap Green Clear

1" 8 Wrap Deep Blue Clipper Ship

1" 8 Wrap Deep Blue Hot Pink

1" 8 Wrap Turquoise Bettie Page

1" 8 Wrap Lime with Black

1" 8 Wrap Light Blue Galaxy

1" 7.5 Wrap Light Blue Clear

1" 8 Wrap Purple with Hot Pink

1" 8 Wrap Turquoise Black

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