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Build Your Own Tattoo Machine
You pick and we build

This listing is for ONE completed and customized tattoo machine.
The images listed below are offered as choices on your purchase.

Please allow 7-10 days for us to complete your build before being shipped out.

Made of 1018 steel frame and cores with 8 wrap coils.
Complete all fields in the drop down menu based on the pictures below.
Please include any preferences such as needle groupings, speed, etc. in the notes. If nothing is listed the machine will be set-up at default. Please note: Each machine is an individual. We do our best to make the components work together, therefore they will vary slightly from the example pictures shown. All machines are built with a wingnut vice screw set-up.
**To be used with American Tubes only**

*We do not accept returns on custom built tattoo machines.*
Upgrade items are a separate charge and can be added with the second button below. Upgrades will not be included unless paid for.
Frame Style
Frame Finish
Binding Posts
Contact Screw
Contact Screw Topper
Coil Washers
Coil Covers
Heat Shrink
Needle Groupings
Upgrade Specs

The button below is intended only for use with the purchase of a machine.
***If you do not pay for the upgrade you will not receive it. ***
Please Add each item you would like.

Please allow 7-10 days for your custom build to be completed.

Frame Style

Black Widow                   Jensen                    Stinger                            Hook
 Lightweight                       Bio                               J                            Dial
Teeter                            Bat                      Boomerang              Dragon

         Gear (+$10)        Shorty Black Widow (+$5)     Shorty Jensen (+$5)   
Frame Finish

      Blackened         Old School        Heat Treat      Golden Heat Treat  Blackened Distressed
                                                                                                Old School

Powder Coat

Black                   White                   Pink                    Blue

 Red                 Orange               Yellow

Green                 Amber                Gray

 Distressed (+$10)

Available Distressed Colors
Pick 1 or 2 Colors

Binding Posts


   Black         Brass (+$2)     Copper(+$2)

Contact Screw

Blackened Steel     Silver(+$7)

 Brass(+$3)    Copper(+$3)

Contact Screw Topper
**Only for Blackened Steel Screws**
Brass Acorn    Steel Acorn    Copper Acorn
Dark Wood     Blonde Wood

White Dice  

Additional Upgrades

Gear Washers $2

Heat Shrink

Coil Washers

Black                         White

Orange                              Blue

Green                              Red

     Deep Red                  Wood

Coil Covers

Black                  Blue

Red                            $2 Bill

Organic             Spider Web

Map                         Tweed
Bats                 Nautical Star

       Yellow                 Jack Skellington

The Walking Dead