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 Building a Custom 1 Off Tattoo Machine

I got a lot of positive feedback from the last blog I did about the single coil machine, so I decided to do another blog to show how to use our parts to build a custom 1 off machine. 

First thing I grabed was a basic side plate blank, and drew a basic shape of the machine I wanted. 
( Side plate blanks available here: )

Then I drilled out the holes

And cut it out

I welded the base plate and spring deck. 
( An old base I had lying around, but you can get our most recent style & spring deck here: )

Then cleaned her up (sorry for the blurry pic!)

Then I moved on to the binding post using our brass binding post blanks
( Available here: )

Drilled and then tapped it

Then parted it off

Next I got the coils together
( Coil parts are available here: )

Put some perfect winds on her (done by hand as are ALL of our coils)

Then wound it a friend.

Covered them, and wired them 
( All parts needed to do that are here: )

Just need to add some washers, screws and springs. 
( Available here:  , here: and here:


If you like this and would like to see more - or to place a custom order email me at:



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